Official and Club Referees Wanted

With pressures on referee numbers across the country and games being called off as a result, the Mid Ulster FA would continue to call for club referees to get qualified and then teams at least at a lower level of the football pyramid have the chance to agree a referee to get games played.

Obviously, we would still call for the recruitment of official referees also.

The Mid Ulster FA and Mid Ulster Referees Association can be contacted for those interested.

This follows all the hard work that the Mid Ulster FA and in particular Michael Patterson with his Mid Ulster Referees Association colleagues did, and successfully, to recruit many referees in Mid Ulster.

Extract from updated IFA Football Regulation 22 reads, ".....Club Referees (that is qualified referees who are members of a club), who may only officiate at matches involving a club of which they are a member where there is no appointed referee or where the appointed referee does not appear, may affiliate annually directly to the Association by paying a fee of £5.....".

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